Carrie St. Louis






Her voice is unmatched, she delivers in spades, and her incredibly infectious positive energy is a welcome refreshment...
— Theater Pizzazz
Every Broadway season new talent emerges; this year, one star might just be Carrie St. Louis, who found her way to the big stage remarkably fast.
— The Huffington Post
Carrie St. Louis commands whatever stage she graces
— Pop Culturalist
Utterly charming
— The Los Angeles Times
Carrie St. Louis just is Annette. Not only does she look like Reese Witherspoon and have legs like Carrie Underwood’s, but the emotion she conveys during the intense scenes with Sebastian will wreck you
— Life and Style Magazine
Carrie St. Louis, as Glinda, is marvelously bubbly and funny. Her song ‘Popular’ is a comic tour de force. St. Louis is commanding and sympathetic as the more mature Glinda, negotiating the character’s high-flying music with a sparkling soprano
— USA Today